After someone comes and does business with you – what happens after they leave?

For example, if someone walks into your ice cream shop and pays you $5 for an ice cream cone, you are happy. You made a sale. But as they turn their back and walk out the door, what happens next?

Are they ever coming back? Are the $5 a one-time deal? Are they going to tell their friends? Did they like the ice cream? The questions go on.

Now what if you could build a long lasting relationship with that customer before they pay and walk out the door?

innerpage1That’s a tall order to ask of someone to do within a 30 second to 1-minute transaction window.

This is where our marketing service steps in. We ensure those $5 spent come back in the door another time. Time and time again. Thanks to technology and innovative processes, we utilize the power of texting, sweepstakes, rewards, promos, and reminders to call people back into your place of business.

Customized to you, we develop a plan based on your business goals and marketing strategies in order to maximize customer engagement which builds long and meaningful relationships ensuring repeat business.

Marketing a small business is challenging, let us help.