Have you checked your business’s Social Credit Score lately?

Maybe you should do so now! Wait. After. Do it after you read this so you know what it is.

Apartments, Banks, and other organizations check your credit score before you sign your name to a financial agreement. Why? Because they want to judge your risk and your ability to honor that agreement over time. Pretty simple and logical reasoning. They do so through several agencies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Remember those ads asking you if your score matches across the board?

Well, same thing goes for your business and the people you serve. You have a Social “Credit” Score and that is determined by the reviews you receive from the general public. If you have OK to Low reviews/ratings, and you will most likely be passed over by a customer.

Not everyone uses one platform or the other – so if you have 5 Stars on Yelp! But 2 Stars on Zomato, everyone who visits Zomato is not going to like what they see. Thing is, these reviews take an incredible amount of time to manage, yet you cannot risk letting your Social Credit Score drop or be mismatched across different platforms.

cta3That’s where our marketing service comes in. Providing “Done For You” services, we tap into directories such as Yelp!, Google, Facebook, Zomato, TripAdvisor, etc. and consolidate your reviews in one place. We monitor and respond to them, report low ratings, and provide analysis as well as feedback based off the trends we identify for you. All while, our business marketing service is working hard to boost and even out your ratings across different directories, elevating your Social Credit Score.

It’s time to show everyone your business at its best. Are you ready?